Silenced Voices of Everyday Sheroes

For far too long, women have been silenced by patriarchal societies in most cultures, if not all. I believe we can rise above our anger and remove the barriers to our success — by talking, sharing, communicating our thoughts to each other, redefining our own expectations, and never assuming that we must play fixed, female roles.

I am often inspired by the stories, ideas and courage of the women I meet. Every day, I am reminded how women are agents of change. Through my work, I send a message of empowerment— graphically demonstrating how our once-silenced voices and unheard ideas, when brought together, can promote strength.

This message I pass on to my seven- and ten-year-old daughters as well, encouraging them to be who they truly are and dream to be, discouraging them from internalizing and assuming gender stereotypical roles.  I invite them to question well-meaning people when they speak to them as “beautiful princesses” instead of smart girls with interests — and to be aware, listen and share in order to help themselves and all women as a whole.

– Samanta Tello